Dashboard Saints
Alone Again
©2006 Dashboard Saints

Stuck here in the middle
Got nowhere to go
Won't you give a little
Room for me to know

What it is I'm feeling
Deep inside my heart
All lights have gone out
And everything seems dark

I'm alone again
I'm alone again Stuck out farther than I've
ever been
Sometimes I wonder
If I'll ever get back in

No one seems to notice
I just dont seem to care
Maybe one day I'll wake
To find out theres no one there

Won't you come and listen
I've got a story to tell
But if you have to miss it
Well I guess its just as well

Don't know how much longer
I can keep ... this up
How much longer before
I can fill ... my cup

Everyone has answers
Everyone but me
I guess the truth don't matter now
The truth is never free

So I keep on searching
For my seperate peace
In the end you cant pretend
Believe what you believe

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