Dashboard Saints
Things Could Be Worse
©2006 Dashboard Saints

Things could be worse
I could have stayed right here, with you
Things could be worse
You could have told the truth

Finding out the hard way ain’t so bad
It’s giving up the real thing I thought I had
Never have I ever felt so sad for you

Things could be worse
I could have lost my mind as well
Things could be worse
You could have heard wedding bells

Losing all your old friends ain’t so hard
It’s taking off your name from my credit cards
I wonder where you’ve gone to and just how far is hell

But day after day I think of the time you would spend
By yourself, all alone in the bathroom
Getting ready for bed used to take so long
You never cleaned out the hair in the sink...I wasn’t thinking

Things could be worse
I could have met your next of kin
Things could be worse
I think you know what I mean

Changing all the door locks, I can do
It’s my pride that’s disappeared without a clue
I hope that you get better and your surgeon too, my friend

Yes, things could be worse

Arrangement: Claude Roatta and Tony Sinatra
Drums: Ivan Zervigon
Percussion: Ivan Zervigon
Acoustic Bass: Danny Montana
Electric Guitars: Claude Roatta
Lead Vocals: Claude Roatta

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