Dashboard Saints
You Can't Sell Me
©2006 Dashboard Saints

People in a hurry
Got to get the job done
Everything gets blurry
If you look into the sun

Here to play the chances
Everyone takes risks
Come and see the dancers
Dance to all of this

But you can’t tell me
What I don’t want to know
And you can’t sell me
What I don’t want to buy
No not today
Don’t want to buy
No nothing from you anyway

If you want to win you win
If you lose you lose
This has nothing to do
With anyone else and
Everything with you

Like to drink the whiskey
Love to throw the dice
Never in mixed company
But here’s some free advice

People start to worry
When they can’t get enough
Simple paranoia is the only thing
They’ll ever trust

In the final hour between the dark
And the light
You become a memory in someone
Else’s life

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